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How To Take A Partial Screenshot on Galaxy S6

by Simon Todd
How To Take A Partial Screenshot on Galaxy S6

Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Partial Screenshots on Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Taking partial screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S6 can be a great way to capture specific parts of the screen that you want to share with others. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

1. Open the content that you want to take a screenshot of. This could be an image, video, or web page.
2. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time for two seconds until you hear a shutter sound or see an animation on your screen indicating that the screenshot has been taken successfully.
3. Tap on “Edit” in the notification bar at the top of your screen or open Gallery app and select “Screenshots” folder from there to view all screenshots taken by your device so far.
4. Select the screenshot which you just took and tap on “Crop” icon located at bottom right corner of your screen in order to crop it into desired shape or size as per requirement before sharing it with others via any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc., or sending it via email/text message etc.,
5. Once done cropping, tap on “Done” button located at top right corner of your screen in order to save changes made by you before sharing it with others as mentioned above in step 4th .

How to Capture Specific Areas of Your Screen with the Galaxy S6’s Partial Screenshot Feature

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a convenient feature that allows users to capture specific areas of their screen with a partial screenshot. This is an especially useful tool for capturing images from webpages, emails, and other documents. Here are the steps to take in order to use this feature:

1. Open the application or webpage you wish to capture and press the power button and home button simultaneously. This will take a full screenshot of your device’s display.

2. Once the screenshot is taken, you will be presented with several options at the bottom of your screen including “Scroll Capture” and “Crop”. Select “Crop” in order to begin editing your image.

3. You can now select which area of your screen you would like to capture by dragging one corner of the box around it until it covers only what you want included in your partial screenshot image.

4. When you have selected all desired areas, tap on “Done” at the top right corner of your display and then select either “Save as Image” or “Share Screenshot” depending on how you would like to save or share it with others afterwards (e-mail, text message etc.).

By following these simple steps, users can easily take advantage of this convenient feature on their Samsung Galaxy S6 devices in order to quickly capture specific areas from any application or webpage they are viewing without having to manually crop out sections afterwards using another program or app!


Q1: How do I take a partial screenshot on my Galaxy S6?

A1: To take a partial screenshot on your Galaxy S6, press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time. When you hear the shutter sound, release both buttons. You will then be able to select which part of the screen you want to capture by dragging your finger across it. Once you have selected your desired area, tap “Done” to save the image.