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Uber drivers can soon use Apple CarPlay: Everything you need to know

by Simon Todd

Rideshare giant Uber is about to make life easier for its drivers with the integration of Apple CarPlay into its driver app. This announcement is a welcome update, as it means drivers will no longer have to fumble around with their phone while on the road. Here is everything you need to know about Uber’s latest update.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is an integration system that allows iOS to be displayed on the dashboard of a car. It works when the iPhone is connected to a compatible car, and drivers can interact with apps both from Apple and third parties.

How will Uber drivers benefit from this integration?

At present, Uber drivers must use their phone to accept and view ride requests, check the map, and view areas with surge pricing. However, with the Apple CarPlay integration, drivers can access all these features from their car dashboard. They will simply need to open the Uber Driver app on their iPhone and connect the phone to their car via cable or wirelessly.

What other updates has Uber made recently?

Last December, Uber started rolling out support for Live Activities in its main app and Uber Eats. This feature enables users to easily track their rides and orders through the Lock Screen or the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. For Uber rides, users can track the progress of their journey and view their estimated drop-off time. For Uber Eats, users can monitor the progress of their order as it is prepared, picked up, and delivered.

When will Apple CarPlay integration be available?

Uber has confirmed that the integration is now being rolled out to drivers in the United States and will be available globally by the end of the month. With most car manufacturers currently offering Apple CarPlay integration, this update will be welcomed by many drivers around the world.

In conclusion, Uber’s Apple CarPlay integration is great news for drivers who will no longer have to fumble with their phones while driving. The company has also made recent updates, such as the Live Activities feature, to make the app more user-friendly. It remains to be seen what other updates Uber has in store, but for now, drivers can look forward to safer and more convenient rides.