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How To Take A Scrolling Screenshot on Galaxy S20

by Simon Todd
How To Take A Scrolling Screenshot on Galaxy S20

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Your Samsung Galaxy S20

Taking a scrolling screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S20 is a great way to capture an entire web page or long conversation. This guide will walk you through the steps of taking a scrolling screenshot on your device.

1. Open the content that you want to take a scrolling screenshot of. This could be a web page, text message conversation, or any other type of content that requires more than one screen to view in its entirety.

2. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for two seconds until you hear the shutter sound and see an animation indicating that the screenshot has been taken successfully.

3. Tap on “Scroll Capture” at the bottom of your screen when prompted after taking your initial screenshot. Your device will then begin automatically scrolling down and capturing additional screenshots until it reaches the end of the content you are trying to capture in one image file.

4. When it has finished capturing all necessary screenshots, tap “Done” at the bottom right corner of your screen to save them as one image file in your Gallery app under “Screenshots” folder or wherever else you have chosen for screenshots to be saved by default on your device settings menu (Settings > Advanced Features > Screenshots).

5. You can now share this single image file with anyone who needs access to all parts of what was captured in one go!

Tips and Tricks for Taking the Perfect Scrolling Screenshot on Your Galaxy S20

1. Open the page you want to capture in your Galaxy S20.
2. Tap the “Scroll Capture” icon located at the bottom of your screen, which looks like two overlapping rectangles.
3. Scroll down to capture all of the content you want in your screenshot and tap “Capture” when finished scrolling.
4. Your screenshot will be saved automatically in your Gallery app, where you can edit it further if desired or share it with others directly from there.
5. To ensure a smooth scrolling experience, make sure that you scroll slowly and steadily while taking a scrolling screenshot on your Galaxy S20 device so that all of the content is captured properly without any gaps or missing pieces in between screenshots taken during the process.
6. If needed, you can also adjust settings such as resolution and image quality before taking a scrolling screenshot on your Galaxy S20 device by tapping on “Settings” located at the top right corner of your screen before beginning to scroll capture content from a webpage or other source material for capturing images with this feature on Samsung devices running Android 10 OS or higher versions of Android OS software releases for Samsung devices such as those found on their flagship models like Galaxy S20 series phones and tablets released after 2020 year models onwards into 2021 year models onwards too!


Q1: How do I take a scrolling screenshot on my Galaxy S20?

A1: To take a scrolling screenshot on your Galaxy S20, open the page or image you want to capture. Then press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for two seconds. You will see an animation that indicates that you have successfully taken a scrolling screenshot. The image will be saved in your Gallery app.