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How To Take A Video Screenshot on Galaxy S6

by Simon Todd
How To Take A Video Screenshot on Galaxy S6

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Take a Video Screenshot on Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Taking a screenshot of a video on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is an easy process. Follow these steps to capture the perfect moment:

1. Open the video you want to take a screenshot of and pause it at the desired frame.

2. Press and hold down both the Power button and Home button simultaneously for two seconds until you hear a shutter sound or see an animation on your screen indicating that the screenshot has been taken successfully.

3. To view your newly created screenshot, open Gallery from your home screen, then select Albums > Screenshots to find it there.

4. You can also share or edit your screenshots directly from this menu by tapping on Share or Edit respectively at the top right corner of each image thumbnail in Gallery’s Screenshots album folder.

With these simple steps, you can now easily take screenshots of videos playing on your Samsung Galaxy S6!

Tips and Tricks for Capturing the Perfect Video Screenshot on Your Galaxy S6

1. Make sure your Galaxy S6 is in the right mode: To capture a perfect video screenshot on your Galaxy S6, you need to make sure that it is in the right mode. You should switch to “Video” mode by tapping on the camera icon at the top of your screen and selecting “Video” from the list of options.

2. Adjust settings for optimal results: Once you have switched to Video mode, you can adjust various settings such as resolution, frame rate, and exposure to get optimal results when capturing a video screenshot. You can also use features such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) or Night Mode for better quality images in low light conditions.

3. Use burst shot feature: The burst shot feature allows you to take multiple screenshots quickly by holding down the shutter button for a few seconds while recording a video clip. This will help you capture multiple frames from different angles which can be used later for creating an interesting montage or GIF animation with your screenshots.

4. Utilize editing tools: After capturing a screenshot from your video clip, you can use various editing tools available on your Galaxy S6 such as cropping and adjusting brightness/contrast levels to enhance its quality further before saving it onto your device or sharing it online with friends and family members via social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram etcetera

5. Save screenshots in high-resolution format: Finally, make sure that all of your screenshots are saved in high-resolution formats such as JPEG or PNG so that they look sharp and clear when viewed on other devices or shared online with others


Q1: How do I take a video screenshot on my Galaxy S6?

A1: To take a video screenshot on your Galaxy S6, open the video you want to capture and press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. This will save an image of the current frame of the video to your device’s Gallery app.