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How To Take A Video Screenshot on LG Phone

by Simon Todd
How To Take A Video Screenshot on LG Phone

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Take a Video Screenshot on an LG Phone

Taking a screenshot of a video on an LG phone is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. This guide will walk you through the process so you can capture and save your favorite moments from videos.

1. Open the video you want to take a screenshot of on your LG phone.
2. Press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time for two seconds until you hear a shutter sound or see an animation indicating that the screenshot has been taken successfully.
3. To view your screenshot, open your Gallery app and select “Screenshots” from the list of albums at the top of the screen. Your screenshots will be saved here for easy access whenever you need them!

Tips and Tricks for Capturing the Perfect Video Screenshot on Your LG Phone

1. Make sure your phone is in the right orientation: Before you take a screenshot, make sure that your LG phone is in the correct orientation. This will ensure that the screenshot captures all of the important details of the video.

2. Adjust your settings: You can adjust various settings on your LG phone to get a better quality screenshot from videos. For example, you can increase or decrease brightness and contrast levels to get a clearer image.

3. Use an app: There are several apps available for Android phones that allow you to take screenshots from videos with ease and accuracy. These apps usually have additional features such as cropping and editing tools which can help you capture perfect screenshots every time.

4. Take multiple shots: If possible, try taking multiple screenshots of different parts of the video so that you have more options when it comes to selecting one for use later on. This will also help ensure that no important details are missed out when capturing a single shot from a video clip or scene.

5 . Use an external device: If possible, consider using an external device such as a laptop or tablet to capture screenshots from videos on your LG phone instead of relying solely on its built-in camera capabilities alone; this will give you more control over how each shot looks and provide higher quality results overall


1. How do I take a video screenshot on my LG phone?

To take a video screenshot on an LG phone, open the video you want to capture and press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. This will save a still image of the frame you are currently viewing in your Gallery app.

2. Can I edit my screenshots after taking them?
Yes, you can edit your screenshots after taking them by using photo editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express or Snapseed. These apps allow you to crop, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, add filters and more to your screenshots before saving them back to your device’s gallery.