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How To Take A Cropped Screenshot On Chromebook

by Simon Todd

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Take a Cropped Screenshot on Chromebook__WPAICG_IMAGE__

Taking a cropped screenshot on a Chromebook is an easy process that can be completed in just a few steps. This guide will walk you through the process of taking and saving your cropped screenshot.

Step 1: Open the window or page you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 2: Press the “Ctrl” and “Window Switcher” keys at the same time to capture your entire screen. Your screen will dim briefly, indicating that your screenshot has been taken.

Step 3: To crop your image, press “Ctrl” and “Shift” at the same time, then press the “F5” key. A crosshair cursor will appear on your screen; use this cursor to select an area of your image that you would like to crop out by clicking and dragging it over the desired area. When you are finished selecting an area, release your mouse button or trackpad finger to complete cropping it out from the image.

Step 4: To save your cropped image, click on File > Save As in Chrome OS’s Files app (or press Ctrl + S). Give it a name and choose where you would like to save it before clicking “Save”. Your cropped screenshot is now saved!

Tips and Tricks for Taking the Perfect Cropped Screenshot on Chromebook

1. Choose the area you want to capture: Before taking a cropped screenshot on your Chromebook, decide which part of the screen you want to capture. You can use your mouse or trackpad to select the area you want to take a screenshot of.

2. Take the screenshot: Once you have selected the area, press Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows key (or Ctrl + Shift + F5) at the same time and your Chromebook will take a full-screen screenshot of whatever is currently displayed on your screen.

3. Open and crop: After taking a full-screen screenshot, open it in an image editor such as Paint or Photoshop and crop it down to just what you need for your project or presentation.

4. Save and share: Once you have cropped down your image, save it in an appropriate file format such as JPEG or PNG so that it can be easily shared with others online or via email attachment if needed.

5. Use annotation tools: If desired, use annotation tools such as arrows, text boxes, shapes etc., available in most image editors to highlight important parts of the image before saving and sharing it with others for better understanding of what is being shown in the cropped screenshot taken from Chromebooks


1. How do I take a cropped screenshot on my Chromebook?

To take a cropped screenshot on your Chromebook, press the Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows keys simultaneously. This will capture the entire screen and open an editing window where you can crop the image to your desired size. You can also use the built-in snipping tool to select an area of the screen and save it as an image file.

2. What other methods are available for taking screenshots on my Chromebook?

In addition to using keyboard shortcuts, you can also take screenshots with Chrome OS’s built-in screenshot tool by pressing Ctrl + F5 or by clicking on the Screenshot icon in Quick Settings (the gear icon in the lower right corner). You can also use third-party extensions such as Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder or Awesome Screenshot for more advanced features like annotation and video recording.